Metal 99 Ltd. has been present in the vehicle window market for more than 20 years. In the first 11 years we mainly focused on window renovations, and from 2006 we have expanded our scope of activities by the manufacturing of modern windows.

Window production

We are continuously developing our window construction and we undertake manufacturing based on individual requests. Owing to our state-of-the-art machinery and team of qualified specialists, we are able to supply windows in small (3 to 10 pcs) and large series (1500 to 2500 pcs) to fulfill our customers’ demands. We test our windows regularly according to different criteria, and make water-tests in order to ensure their water-tightness.

Window renovation

Window renovation is a highly specialized area, where primarily the characteristics of the vehicle must be taken into consideration. It is important to keep the original appearance of the product, but the “traditional” look must come together with “modern” functionality and ergonomics.

Main vehicle window categories

ablakgyártás, ajtógyártás, metal 99, metal99

Bus windows

ablakgyártás, ajtógyártás, metal 99, metal99

Railway windows

ablakgyártás, ajtógyártás, metal 99, metal99

Special structure windows

ablakgyártás, ajtógyártás, metal 99, metal99

Cabin windows

Main construction characteristics of windows

In sizes as requested by the customers


  • vertical and horizontal sliding windows
  • motorized windows
  • fixed windows
  • tilted windows
  • outward-tilting windows

Outward appearance

  • traditional, framed
  • glass-in-glass windows

Surface treatment

  • powder coating


  • ESG, DSG, VSG in different thickness and colours
  • glasses with heated areas
  • foil-cover on request