Metal 99 Ltd. has built up the production of their original products based on the experience gained from vehicle renovation and repair works carried out for domestic transport companies, as well as on its customers’ demands, and today it is present both in Hungary and abroad.

Its professionals and machines enable it to satisfy the special and customized needs of the clientfor modern doors and windows, and to adjust to the needs of the customers by either small- or large-scale production.

Own door systems and windows

Metal 99 Ltd. has been producing door systems for public transport vehicles since 1991, based on light construction and glue technology. We are producing widely used ejector-type sliding doors, electric and pneumatic inner planetary and external swinging doors, all tailor-made to the needs of the clients. We undertake full glazing of complete vehicles.

Our aluminium-structure sliding windows have been proving their durability for more than 25 years at several public transport companies in Hungary. In the past 11 years, our products have also been supplied to the manufacturers of new vehicles in the fields of cabin, trailer, bus and railway vehicle production.

Public transport accessory equipment

Our company has produced many tailor-made products (cab dividers, inner railway furnishings, e.g. tables, steps) and serves the convenience and security of the passengers. We undertake the production of most different parts based on special requests.